Configuring my new Surface Book 2 – random topic #2 – Removing Apps with PowerShell

I’ve been a consumer of great blog posts, and sometimes, it doesn’t make sense to re-create the wheel (or the blog post).  I have been a silent fan of How To Geek blogs for some time.  I don’t know the author(s).  I don’t know their story… I just like their posts.  So when I see them come up in search engine results, they are usually my 1st choice (<Right-Click>; Open in New Window)

I am bothered by a few of the Apps that Microsoft bundles with Windows, and wish they were a little easier to push aside.  Some of them just keep getting pushy Mail, Calendar… “Hey dude, I got Outlook installed, already!”

Looks like this one is by Chris Hoffman (@ChrisBHoffman

How to Uninstall Windows 10’s Built-in Apps (and How to Reinstall Them)

Side-by-side Twitter Profile & Post Header
Side-by-side Twitter Profile & Post Header

Thanks for the post, Chris! 



{This blog post is insurance against early onset dementia/alzheimer’s of the author.  But he hopes it helps you too, and hopes he will stop talking in the third person really soon… }

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