Rebuilding my machine with Windows 8.1

Start Time: 8:25 PM Pacific Time ¬†(remember I am stopping to two finger type this blog ūüôā

Downloaded Windows 8.1

Downloaded and Installed “Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool” from CodePlex

Created Windows 8.1 x64 Bootable USB on 8GB OCZ Rally2

Slide Samsung Pro 512GB SSD into my Lenovo x230T (replacing my Samsung Pro 256GB SSD)

Booted to USB

Accepted Default US Language – it’s just easier to change it all later.

Enter Product Key

Accept License agreement

Custom (Because I am not upgrading…)

“Where do you want to install Windows?”

Drive 0 Unallocated Space 476.9 GB

8:38 PM… Installing Windows

8:42 PM… Rebooting

Personalize… Just choosing the defaults for now…

PC Name x230t

WiFi – It sees all of my networks.

Choose my AP with strongest signal – type Security Key

Express Settings… This is a portable tablet; I ABSOLUTELY do not want to install updates whenever…

I like how Update your PC and apps has automatic options… I still turn them off.

I like how I can choose not to “Send a Do Not Track request to websites I visit in Internet Explorer.” – this is the default – NICE!

I like how the Check online for solutions and Help improve Microsoft products and services are very configurable.

I live the Share info with Microsoft and other services.

Linking to my account

Help us protect you… by texting me! – well that didn’t work… it never sent the text, or I haven’t received it yet… okay, “Plan B: e-Mail” via POP3 mailbox… and mail redirection via EasyDNS… Not so fast sometimes due to Mail filtering

Allow me to disable skydrive… Huh>?

Installing my Apps, whether I want to or no… ¬†Oh, it just did the default ones… good, now choosing My Apps that I’ve already downloaded for Windows 8 in the past… NICE… ¬†It would be nice to be able to get rid of the apps on My Apps list that I’ve tried but really don’t care for anymore… remove the clutter, because I have tried quite a few…

9:25 PM

Install Windows Updates… Only 0 Critical and 9 Important (and only 2 of them are NON hardware… I will Install the hardware with the Lenovo Hardware update software.

Finished at 9:31


Then install the Lenovo ThinkVantageSoftware that will pull all of the hardware drivers specific to the x230t down to my tablet.

Install started, but stuck on License screen… okay, I am not the only one with Windows 8.1 install with this issue…¬†

Okay, Looking closely, I need to install .NET Framework 3.5 with SP1… that’s not installed by default… Control Panel; Programs & Features; Turn Windows Features on or off; .NET Framework 3.5¬†¬†(Includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0)… connected to Windows Update to get the additional pieces! ¬†(I will run Windows Update 1 more time to be sure…) Nope… In fact that updates that showed before as being installed now look to be back in the list to be installed… perhaps a Shutdown is needed?

Yes, Lets…

Okay, One more Windows Update check. ¬†Re-install the two updates… and now on to try the ThinkVantage System Update Software… ¬†Nope, No Dice! ¬†Dag-nabit!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Chrome and IE’s Translate via Google and Bing…They helped me with this solution proposed on this site:

The solution… Silent Install, FTW!

Windows – X; Command Prompt (Admin); CD C:\{where ever you dropped the file}\systemupdate502-06-26-2013.exe /a /s /s /v”/qn”

(I don’t think I need two “/s” switches above, but I’m not about to try again…)

After the silent install type “System Update” at you start screen… Voila!

0 Critical Updates; 19 Recommended Updates; 1 Optional Update

after install… (I paused the Install and plugged in the Ethernet cable and things went much faster!)

1 Package did not install…

“ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software – 7/8 [64]
Click here to install manually”

NICE! ¬†okay…

Dialogue Box:

“ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software Setup:
To use this product. ¬†Windows Biometric Framework must be enabled”

Well that makes sense…

Windows Start Screen; Services.msc; Windows BIometric Service; start; properites; startup; automatic

You may enable biometric functionality from group policy, refer to the following steps.

This little solution I found here:


a. Press the key, Windows + R.
b. Type gpedit.msc and press enter.
c. Select the option Administrator template and Windows Component.
d. Select the option Biometric and change the settings accordingly.

¬†Type ‚ÄúFingerprint‚ÄĚ at the Start screen;¬†Navigate to PC Settings, select Accounts, and select Sign-in options


And for the last device…

the Ericsson F5521gw Mobile Broadband 3G Wireless WAN Mini PCI Adapter.

Detailed Instructions:

Latest Driver:

For Activation: 

3 thoughts on “Rebuilding my machine with Windows 8.1”

  1. Hey, I was thinking about installing Windows 8.1 on my x230 since I got the final version from DreamSpark, my question is, is the fingerprint scanner of your x230t working as it should be? Also, are you using ThinkPad’s fingerprint software or the one provided by MS? Thanks!

    1. Hey Daryl,

      I have the Lenovo fingerprint software installed successfully. I have everything working, more or less. there have been issues with the Intel(R) Centrino(R) Wireless-N 2200 that comes with my x230 is very upsetting. The message I get is that Intel has some more work to do… I should keep checking for a new version. Hopefully Intel will get there people one it and make it stable and reliable. Otherwise Windows 8.1 is a success on this rig. Let me know via email. firstNameLastName at Outlook dot com to get a hold of me… Classic Shell gives me a start bar of my liking, and it is openSource.


  2. Hi Scott,
    It was nice to see your blog here!
    I have a ThinkPad Twist (Model S230U) that I upgraded to WIN 8.1 by downloading from the STORE without doing any preparation beforehand or afterwards that you did. The upgrade went smoothly but, afterwards, many of the appls on the Start screen stopped working – would not connect to Internet. The major ones are:
    – Internet Explorer (but Google Chrome connects!?)
    – the STORE
    – Lenovo Support
    – News, Sports, Weather, Financial, etc…..
    Lenovo support is not very helpful. What should I do?
    Thanks in advance.

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