To the #SQLPASS #FirstTimers of #Summit 2012 – The Procrastination Edition

Okay, it is the “11th Hour” – It’s Friday, you have things to do before you leave for the day, and they you rush home to pack you bags for the SQL PASS Summit.  WHERE TO START?

It will be okay…

Keep calm and carry on

(incidentally, many interesting variations of the original when you look at Google images.)

There are resources out there to help you as you prepare for your first time at the Summit.

There is so much great content out there, and I’m not one  to re-create the wheel, but simply re-present it.  Even if you are have been to multiple PASS Summits in the past, I’m confident you’ll find a few gems in the links below.

If you are an Official First timer, or would like to be, it would be great to attend one of 5 “Professional Development and Networking Workshop Sessions” (for more details) offered on-site on Tuesday by Networking Professional, Don Gabor.  Click on the “Let Us Know” link located here to register.

I know there are numerous, don’t feel that you have to read them all, but speed through, make some notes, and come say, “Hi!” to me at the Summit.

Blog Posts for #FirstTimers to #SQLPASS #Summit2012

 Jen Stirrup’s

 Tara Clark’s

 Denny Cherry

 Jason Strate’s

 Pat Wright’s

 Kendra Little’s

 Julie Koesmarno’s

 Jes Schultz Borland’s

Davide Mauri

Oldies but goodies!  (The blogs… not the blogers…)

 Thomas LaRock’s

 Sarah Strate (Olander?)

Tim Radney’s

 Jen McCown’s

 Jason Strate’s

Official @SQLPASS Links

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  1. Thank you for passing on all the great info!! It was great to have you on board as an alumni mentor.

    FYI – the reason that blog is, is that it was my previous married name… I really need to get that re-named, but don’t want all my links out there to go dead.

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