Constantly Paving New Roads

Heraclitus by Johannes Moreelse

Heraclitus of Ephesus, is the Greek philosopher know for the quote “Nothing endures but change,”



I bought my Lenovo Thinkpad fully aware of Heraclitus’ lesson.  I looked at “required” features, 

nice to have” features as came to a solution that I believed would meet my short and likely medium term needs.  I suspect it would have been wise to define “short term” and “medium term” needs, but as I am discovering, that would have been a waste of time. or as we commonly hear today, “The only constant is change.”  Such is a reality of which you become acutely aware when you work in technology sector.
brick-trowelOff to the paving ground once again.
I need more local storage.  I am spoiled and demand (although, perhaps, I don’t “require“) a Solid State Drive (or SSD).  SSD’s are fast, and, well… expensive, in comparison to standard mechanical

you know that’s just crazy talk… So, on we go… What do we need?  What’s important?  What should I put on my new rig? How should I go about doing this to reduce wasted time?spinning disks.  Paving refers to the process of formatting and re-installing ones operating system and software on their primary storage drive.  Of course I could use software to restore an image of my current SSD onto the new SSD, but if you are and IT Professional, SONY DSC

Perhaps, having an on-line list of application and add-ins that I need with Link to vendors websites in a manageable format that is in some semblance of prioritized order?  Yeah, that’s a good start… I will make it live here, and encourage people like YOU to tell me if there is something else that you would recommend.  I know… I ask so much!

Looking forward to your input – Thanks in advance!

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