SQLSaturday makes a 4th Stop in Vancouver, BC

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SQLSaturday #407


We’re BAAAaaack!

Well after almost 2 1/2 years we decided to do it one more time! (For historical purposes you can check-out my last post on the topic here.)

“What’s a SQLSaturday?”

A little unsure what a SQL Saturday is… well you can read the original description on the wiki written by the founder, or you can read other people’s thoughts, here and here… And please do have a look, BUT my interpretation is this:

A free, one day conference style event organized by volunteers, financially supported by sponsors, and attended by data professionals. These events are happening all around the world with much the same model. PASSionate people sharing their knowledge and networking with their peeps.

Wondering if this means you? If you aren’t currently a data professional, that’s okay, this is an excellent way to make a start, meet some people in the field and take in some free educational sessions. Wondering what Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT), or Data Scientist means? Wondering what people are talking about when they say Self-Serve BI or Visual Analytics? Yeah… we can help you out there too. 😉

“Gimme a little background…”

Vancouver had the first SQL Saturday outside the U.S. (#65) in 2011 and the last SQL Saturday saw presenters from around the world sharing their knowledge. At that event, SQLSaturday #198, we had about 425 attendees and we took over the BCIT Burnaby Campus.

“… and this year?”

This year we are Downtown Vancouver at the UBC Robson Square Campus. Our Schedule has a choice of 5 sessions for every timeslot – how will you ever choose? Take a friend or business colleague and divide and conquer- share the experience when you get back to the office!

We will have educational sessions and during the lunch hour we will have vendor focused sessions so that our generous sponsors have a chance to talk about the products and services that they sell while you enjoy your lunch. This year we also have a Women in Technology (WIT) panel session hosted by Cindy Gross, from Microsoft Corp.

So how do you register for this exciting day of Data fun and exploration? It’s just a few clicks away…

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“Free? There’s no such thing as a free lunch is there?”

Well, in this case, no, the lunch isn’t free. If you do register, please consider the $15 lunch. It is a boxed lunch with deli sandwich, cookie and your choice of a drink. All food in made onsite in the Industrial – food safe Kitchen to ensure freshness. Taking advantage of this option means you don’t miss out on education and networking opportunities while you try and hunt down offsite food choices.

We, the organizers don’t draw a red cent (or a shiny nickel for that matter). We volunteer or time, and it is a break-even event. Sponsors cover the fees for the facilities, WiFi, the A/V equipment, Insurance, and the Speaker’s Dinner… And NO, the speakers don’t get paid anything for their time either, so please, if you come, thank them for taking the time to share their incredible knowledge with you. While you are at it also thank the sponsors, without them this event just wouldn’t happen either.

Not sure this is your thing?

Not really that into data? Do you IT or Data Savvy friends a favour and pass this link along so that they have an opportunity to attend.

Again, this is less than two weeks away, register now to reserve your spot. I look forward to seeing you at the event!


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