DevTeach Vancouver’s “Call for Speakers” deadline is fast approaching!

Why not submit to present at DevTeach Vancouver 2013?

DevTeach Vancouver - December 2nd - 4th 2013

With less than 7 days to go, You’d best set some time aside for developing some presentation abstracts and a speaker bio.  Yes, the “Call for Speaker” went out over almost a month ago, and you have procrastinated long enough!  Take some time, brainstorm some topics, write some draft presentation abstracts and give them to your co-worker, spouse or neighbour to read an give you some feedback, then write up something snappy about yourself, then SUBMIT before the deadline.

DevTeach is an all Canadian Conference with world class presenters… like YOU.  Why not take a risk and submit.  Step up your exposure.  Take an opportunity to visit Vancouver!

DevTeach is Ying to SQLTeach’s Yang

SQLTeach Vancouver - December 2nd thru 4th 2014

For full detail on what you need to provide for a speaker submission, please check out:There is plenty of Dev and there is plenty of SQL, so Jean-Rene Roy (or JR is he is commonly referred) at one point added the SQLTeach aspect of the conference.  Have a look on the website for past events held in Vancouver.  You’ll see so great local and international speakers, sharing their knowledge and this event is small enough, the attendees can even share a table at lunch with their favourite speakers.

So Much to Choose From

In terms of content, we have 10 tracks to choose from.  Below we have the number of presentations for each track and the name of the Track Chair, so that you can butter them up.  No paper trails on any of those bribes please  :^)


  • 6 .NET Agile. Track Chair Mario Cardinal
  • 11 Software Architecture. Track Chair Mario Cardinal
  • 11 Web Dev. Track Chair James Kovacs and Medhat Elmasy
  • 6 Javascript Track Chair James Kovacs and Medhat Elmasy
  • 6 Mobile Track Chair Jeffrey Palermo
  • 6 Cloud computing Development. Track Chair Jeffrey Palermo
  • 6 Windows 8 Track Chair Jeffrey Palermo
  • 5 SQL Server DBA/Admin. Track Chair Richard Baumet
  • 6 Database Development. Track Chair Scott Staufer
  • 6 SQL Server BI. Track Chair Jean-Rene Roy

Total sessions: 68


Don’t Delay, Submit Today!

And don’t forget, time is running out, submit by August 25th!


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