Call to Sponsors – SQL Server 2016 Community Launch Event – Vancouver, BC

Okay, this is pertaining my LAST blog post, “SQL Server 2016 Community Launch Event – Vancouver, B.C.”  a.k.a. The Event

As Vancouver is one of the TOP 10 most expensive cities to live, it’s reasonable to expect that it is also one of the TOP 10 most expensive cities to host an event… Community event, or not…

That is why we are reaching out to YOU, our partners in making the  SQL Server community awesome.

We are offering sponsorship opportunities at 3 levels:

Disclosure monies collected will go towards Event, revenue after expenses doesn’t make it to my pocket but goes towards food and beverage for the local Vancouver SQL PASS Chapters meetings.


Bronze Level $375 (a.k.a. – I want to help the community!

show me a little love, but don’t make me stand behind a booth all day…)

  • Thank you at beginning and at the end of the day on stage
  • Logo on Slide Deck / Eventbrite Site
  • Logo on Vancouver PASS OR PASS BI Chapter site for 6 months


Silver Level $750 + Bizcard draw prize (a.k.a. – I’m a Marketing Geek!

I need a little separation from all the excitement of SQL in the form of a table as a platform for my Marketing Magic! [okay, seriously, those SQL people are a little strange, the table is my protection])

all the benefits of the Bronze level in addition to…

  • a table for your marketing stuff – let me know if you don’t have a table cloth it seems most companies do now-a-days. (Yes, we have power cables and chairs too)
  • Logo on Vancouver PASS AND PASS BI Chapter site for 6 months
  • 1 mailing – sent by us, on your behalf; before or after The Event
  • 30-second elevator pitch on stage at the beginning of the event inviting attendees to come talk with you at your booth.
  • you do your business card draw on stage and another short elevator pitch opportunity


Gold Sponsor $2000 (a.k.a. Lunch is one me!)

(Come hear us Roar, we are an MS Partner with Data Platform competency; OR, we sell 3rd part software that makes the Microsoft Data Platform sing; OR, we sell Enterprise hardware that makes SQL Server hum along [Singing or Humming – it’s all good…])

You want the top spot?  First come, first served for this prize sponsorship level; but move fast, there is only one spot!

So again, you get all the benefits of the Bronze & Silver levels in addition to…

  • You have us for the lunch hour – we’re all yours.

UPDATE – April 3rd:  

We have room C300, the theatre, that now comfortably seats 175 people.  We had 100-110 attendees for the launch in 2014, so with a bigger venue, and more hype, we expect 125 – 150 attendees.

There is only 1 Gold Sponsorship opportunity as we only have the 1 room, but you would have the attention of the entire audience as they chow down on their boxed lunches.

Silver and Bronze offerings are not really limited, but practically, we only have enough space for 5-6 booths comfortably

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