Six things to consider for #SQLSaturdayVancouver

Six things to consider for #SQLSaturdayVancouver

  1. Register for the All-day Friday Power BI Pre-con
    1. Discount Offer – Save 10% with discount code! (Saturday is Free, Friday is paid)
    2. Further Details
    3. Register (make sure you use discount code SQLSAT) –
  2. Buy the Lunch – Invest in the lunch to feed your body while we feed your mind!
    There will be conferences in town and 4 cruise ships – street food vendors will have line-ups and you will miss out.

    1. We have Lunch time vendor sessions!  AWS, Microsoft & CozyRoc
       – You don’t want to be out looking for something to eat and miss these sessions! 
    2. PayPal $15 – easy
    3. Boxed lunches include Sandwich, Salad, Cookie and Drink
    4. We will send out a link to purchase if you initially chose not to purchase the lunch, but you changed your mind and would like to do so.
  3. Bring your SpeedPASS – This makes Registration a breeze! 
    We email you a link to a PDF file which contains a registration ticket, lunch ticket, raffle tickets and name badge for you badge and lanyard we provide to you at registration

    1. Download it, Print it out, cut it up, bring it along;
    2. “Scissors of Shame Table” is available if you’ve printed it but didn’t get around to cutting
    3. $2 donations to BC Children’s Hospital for having your SpeedPASS printed by us!
       – fee is optional, but MUCH appreciated.
    4. Link to your personal SpeedPASS will be mailed shortly
  4. Sign-up to Volunteer
    Give back to the community volunteer a little bit of time – Earn Karma Points!

  5. Plan your day; Build your schedule – on the day, check back for last minute changes.
    You can plan your day so that you won’t be racing around on the day!

  6. Download the PASS Events Mobile app (for IOS and Android; by Guidebook)
    You can see the schedule and plan which sessions to attend, display abstracts and speaker bios and more!

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