Another 7 Things to Consider for #SQLSaturdayVancouver

Yesterday I sent a message entitled Six things to consider for #SQLSaturdayVancouver which I re-posted on my blog in case you couldn’t find it in your email…

But, here are 7 MORE things to consider!

  1. Sign up for “Power BI: Dashboard in an Hour!”
    1. Register on the Eventbrite site to reserve a seat –

  1. Bring your notebook
  2. Install Power BI Desktop


  1. Cellular Signal / Roaming / WiFi

WiFi at the venue is LEGENDARY!  Really, it is excellent.  Please don’t be a bandwidth hog though…  watch you Power BI YouTube videos at home or at the office. 😉


  1. Getting To #SQLSaturdayVancouver
    1. Additional info on Parking impark lot (0110)  $6.00 for the day  (6AM – 6 PM)  –
      1. Parkopedia:
      2. Impark site:,110
  • You can pay with cash by credit card or with the PayByPhone Mobile App
  1. You need to know your license plate when you park, not a stall, so nothing needs to go back on your dash
  2. Take elevator to lower Classroom level


  1. Floor Map for SQLSat at UBC Robson Square


  1. Bring a water bottle – there are watercoolers in most rooms – hydrate people!


  1. Bring a friend – Learning is more fun when you can share the experience with a friend or coworkers.  Get them to register too!  –


  1. There are plenty of Prizes – Make sure you visit the Sponsor booth and insert your SpeedPASS raffle tickets in the box.  You have to be there during the draw at the end of the day to win!

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